Volvo Rally in the Ghetto

Six Volvos

This photo marks a watershed moment in the Volvo-hoarding career of Jerkey, who later incurred no small degree of wrath from his landwoman (she was no lady) for this profligate display. Identification of these vehicles follows, from the top:

  1. Tom's Mustang seems very dour in the presence of all this Swedish muscle. Equipped with a 351 Cleveland but missing gastank, driveshaft or some other piece of critical infrastructure. We got this car running on carb cleaner at one point.

  2. Volvo 264, with an unsurprisingly dead PRV V6 engine. This was the last car Jerkey acquired before the 164 which triggered his nervous breakdown and prolonged swearing-off of the Volvo cult.

  3. KITT, a 244GLT, written up extensively on Stash's page. Jerkey later took possession of this car after the K-Jet fuel injection gave up the ghost, cursed it with a bright orange flat hood, and converted it for exclusive operation on Propane. KITT's long and tortuous history continues to unroll.


    KITT: Meanest Ride In The Barrio

  4. Poking out from the left is Jerkey's Chevy van, with which he toured the country after a fairly successful dual-fuel Propane conversion. Toward the end of the van's life the engine caught fire at a stop light, destroying the gasoline fuel system and charring the engine compartment. The propane delivery system miraculously survived, and the van was still drivable (and driven). It is important to mention that this vehicle competed head to head with The Red Menace in an alternate fuel street showdown. Although the Chevy's chain-suspended Corvette transmission gave it a formidable edge off the line, once The Menace's C6 was persuaded to channel all 351 available cubes of methane-fueled fury Jerkey soon found himself passed at a seeming standstill. The Chevy has since been scrapped.

  5. Presley's 244, decisive victor in an ill-advised highway battle with the car on the left. I have yet to see another 240 in this same copper color.

  6. My 244GL, which I bought for $150 after it was written off by an insurance company. This car has been a steel punching bag, shrugging off impacts from a Ford F350, SUV and Chevy Beretta which left the aggressors undrivable; an attack by a low-hanging tree branch; and demolition-derby encounters with friends' hoopties. The engine came down with a case of spun rod bearings shortly after purchase due to the triple-threat of non-functional overdrive, defective Fram oil filter and juvenile testosterone. Jerkey and I dropped in an engine from a wrecked '84 wagon, against the advice of a certain Dave (who works on Imports) who claimed that the '84 LH-Jetronic EFI would never work in an '82 equipped with K-Jet without months of labor and a $1,000 wiring harness. We proceeded to ignore the whiskery old goat and made it happen; more than 60K miles later this vehicle is still on the road.

    [Whitewalls out suckaz!!]

    Whitewalls out suckaz!!

  7. Nick's pristine '89 244 dual-fuel CNG conversion. Very clean, but dog slow. Nick babied this car like a grandmother, but his latent sociopathy bubbled to the surface behind any other wheel. I once instructed Nick to "lay the hammer down" in my car, and got what I deserved.

  8. One of many 262 Bertones prematurely killed by the infamous PRV V6. Jerkey later put a B21 in this car as a project for his cousin.

    The motorcycles don't count, although they have their own stories.

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