Engram Enterprises


Missed the biennial site update, but still in business. Developments under the Engram Enterprises umbrella proceed with such speed and ferocity that documentation must be relegated to the distant future. Like it or lump it.

Released an updated version of Rabnail, which generates all of the picture galleries on this site. Updated the Miscellaneous Projects page with Tragic Tales of Capacitor Failure. Gradually transitioning the page footers away from my long-defunct hanuman@ccsi.com email address in favor of "reboots at g-cipher.net". (Address harvesting bots probably know what to do with that; and so may you.)


Time once again for the biennial site update. Hosting moved from CCSI; now courtesy of our friends at g-cipher.net. Radical update of the Projects page, and a gradual migration to HTML 4.01 Transitional.

I've come to realize that I have a dense, conversational prose style which may not be appropriate for the more purely technical articles on the site. Too bad! I write for my own entertainment.


Cleaned up and updated just about everything; changed the Projects page to reflect the state of various current projects. After lengthy consideration, added an image in GIF format. I had intended to restrict all line-art images on the site to PNG format; however, this image was intended to convey technical information and I didn't want to limit its potential audience.


Updated the Projects page. Updated the News page. Validated all updated pages against HTML 3.2 spec. Note that the BVWAB button on the front page is a LIE: this site is all kinds of messed up in Netscape Navigator 3.04 Gold, because that browser doesn't support PNG.


Redesigned most of the site for bold, new look. I realised that monochromatic shades, i.e., those with identical RGB values, have the highest contrast attainable on a color monitor, with its physically separated color pixels. The sites I've found most legible and easy on the eyes are invariably those which stick with the browser's default font, on a plain white or neutral grey background. Here's an exemplar, though it be disfigured by some absolutely hideous graphics; I hope I've done a little better in that department. I have no explanation for all the white and goldenrod along with the grey, that just sorta came out of nowhere.


First update in a very long time; converted some of the graphics to PNG.


Valid HTML 4.01!

Objections to reboots at g-cipher.net.