Engram Enterprises

A non-commercial entity conceived as a public representation of the activities
and projects of an individual known variously as Rab, Rabbisu, or reboots.

Merriam-Webster defines an engram as "a hypothetical change in neural
tissue postulated in order to account for persistence of memory".
This, however, is not the definition we prefer.

Electronic Projects:
Pocket Penguin Function Generator Minty fresh waveforms for your analytical pleasure.
Fun with LCDs Using common USB-to-parallel converters and Linux.
microPOV A small persistance of vision toy and AVR development board.
Notes on DIY Nixie Tube Sockets Discussing a source for PC-mount contacts.
Amy Time! Nixie Tube Clock Development and construction thereof.
Machine Tool Projects:
The Rabbot A quick-and-dirty CNC router.
DIY Milling Spindle An economical belt-driven milling spindle.
PCB Drill Press A homebuilt precision drill press.
FlashCut CNC IB462 Driver Repair Notes on circuit topology, diagnosis, and repair.
Behind The 8-Ball A new handle for a classic drill press.
Clausing 8520 Milling Machine A small Atlas of a mill.
Musical Projects:
Vacuum Tube Theremin From an original schematic by Doug Forbes.
Thor's Hammer Analog modular drum synthesizer and sequencer.
Vehicle Projects:
The Red Menace 1981 Ford E150 Compressed Natural Gas conversion.
The Old-School Bus 11,500 pounds of Detroit Iron.
Vicious Old Lady Vehicular Onslaught Information about Volvo 240 automobiles.
Miscellaneous Projects:
Crisper Drawer Rail Repair Solving a Whirlpool refrigerator design failure.
Tragic Tales of Capacitor Failure Anecdotes of diagnosis and repair.
The Mystery Machine Anatomy of an elaborate device of unknown purpose.
Electronic Cat Repellant The final solution.
Rabnail The best thumbnail gallery generator.

Bootleg Pokey The Penguin

External Resources
G-Cipher Our humble host.
World Power Systems Electronics art, tube datasheets, and much more.
FCC Equipment Authorization ID Search What's in the box.
pinouts.ru Pinouts galore.
DataSheetArchive.com A datasheet archive.
www.alldatasheet.com An archive of datasheets.
The SMD Codebook An online resource for decoding Surface Mount Device markings.
WorldCat Find items in libraries near you.

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